Farms4Climate consortium partners meet in Athens to share project progress

Last week, a meeting of the Farms4Climate consortium took place in Athens. The project, coordinated by AIR Institute, involves six living labs located in different parts of the Mediterranean (Italy, Egypt, Tunisia and Spain) and seeks to boost economic growth through carbon management based on agro-ecological innovations.

The two-day meeting was the first to be attended by five external experts who are members of the Farms4Climate Advisory Board. The project is currently in month 25 of 36 and the meeting, attended by all twelve partners, recognised the remarkable progress made in both the living labs and the work packages.

On the first day, two roundtables were held to learn about the progress of each living lab and to discuss the strategy to be followed in the coming months. On the other hand, the second day was dedicated to the presentation of each work package, addressing the work done so far and establishing the strategy to complete the remaining activities.

AIR Institute, as the coordinating entity of Farms4Climate is proud that the external experts who attended the meeting praised the work done. In addition, they provided valuable recommendations that will help to execute the processes properly and coordinate the actions of the twelve partners.

Farms4Climate partners