The CIBERIA project successfully holds the Workshop on cybersecurity in SME environments: Cybersecure culture in the world of small enterprises

On Tuesday 28 May, the ‘Workshop on Cybersecurity in SME environments: Cybersecure culture in the world of small enterprises’ took place in the Chamber of Commerce of Astorga, where about 25 people attended the event. This event, organised by the University of León, a member of the Ciberia consortium, and coordinated by the University of Salamanca, through the BISITE Research Group, aimed to raise awareness among small businesses about the importance of cybersecurity in today's business environment.

Nuria González Rabanal, representative of the University of León in the project, was in charge of the presentation, which she structured in three fundamental blocks: 

  1. The importance of cybersecurity for small businesses.
  2. Understanding cyber risk
  3. Protection strategies

In the first block, Nuria González highlighted the risks to which small and medium-sized companies are exposed in the digital environment. Using practical examples, she illustrated the different types of threats that can affect these companies and underlined the relevance of adopting protective cybersecurity measures.

The second block focused on understanding cyber risk. Nuria presented several case studies of companies from different sectors, each of which had suffered a cyber incident. These examples served to illustrate the diverse consequences that can result from these attacks and the importance of being prepared.

Finally, in the block dedicated to protection strategies, attendees learned the fundamentals of developing an effective cybersecurity strategy. The key tools and technologies required for protection against cyberattacks were discussed, as well as the appropriate responses to incidents.

Following Nuria's presentation, Alberto Barruelo CISO & Chief Cybersecurity and LegalTech Consultant at @Leasba gave a presentation on ‘Why do a cybersecurity audit in your company’. During his presentation, he explained to the attendees the importance of carrying out a cybersecurity audit in the company.

The event concluded with a lively exchange of questions and answers, in which the attendees, through networking time, had the opportunity to delve deeper into the topics discussed and share their own experiences and concerns.

This activity demonstrates commitment to strengthening the digital security of SMEs.