The Air Institute, together with the other members of the Ciberia Project, is organising a new cybersecurity seminar

Cybercrime has become one of the main challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and public bodies, and preparing for and responding to cyber-attacks is essential. In this context, the Air Institute, together with the other members of the Ciberia project, has organised a new meeting ‘Active cybersecurity in public organisations and SMEs’ which will take place on 11 June 2024 in the U-Talent Hub of the Science Park of the University of Salamanca.

The aim of the conference is to provide a practical and realistic vision of how we should protect ourselves against a cyber-attack and, in the event of being attacked, how we should respond and act.


  • What will this new event cover?

The workshop that we have designed, in collaboration with all the Project members, aims to offer practical tools and strategies to strengthen cybersecurity in organisations.

To this end, the programme we have developed will include the following activities:

Firstly, the meeting will be inaugurated at 10:45 am with a presentation of the Ciberia project by Teresa Jiménez Cabaco, Manager of the Science Park at USAL, through the presentation ‘Digitalisation and Cross-Border Resilience Through the Promotion of a Cybersecure CENCYL Area’.

At 11:00 a.m., after Teresa Jiménez's presentation, the workshop given by Raúl Aguado López from Active Business & Technology will begin, entitled ‘Active Cybersecurity: Preparing for Attacks’.

Lastly, we will conclude at 12:00 with a networking session, during which attendees will be able to exchange ideas and concerns with the rest of the attendees, as well as make important contacts for the future.

This event offers a great opportunity to companies and public entities to strengthen their cybersecurity.

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We look forward to seeing you there!