Today is the day! The first episode of Ciberia Podcast is now available on Spotify!

Today is a day to celebrate! It is with great pride that we are pleased to announce the publication of the first episode of the Ciberia Podcast, which we are deeply excited to participate in and be a part of. After great dedication, research and enthusiasm, we are excited to share with you all this milestone in our exploration of cybersecurity. 


Discover Cyberia Podcast

Cyberia Podcast is your guide to the complex world of cybersecurity. Each episode features in-depth analyses, expert interviews and discussions on the most relevant topics in the digital sphere. Our joint goal is to provide valuable and practical knowledge to protect people and organisations in the digital age.

Episode 1: Security Barriers on Our Mobile Devices

In this opening episode, Marcos Mateos from the University of Salamanca Science Park and journalist Elena Martín Morollón, together with researchers and cybersecurity experts Pablo Morales Villalba from the BISITE Research Group and Javier García Pechero from the AIR Institute, explore a crucial topic: the security boundaries we often ignore when receiving messages or emails on our mobile devices.

The urgency to respond to these messages can easily incite us to compromise our security. Pablo and Javier provide a detailed analysis of the risks associated with these behaviours and share practical tips for improving mobile security.

What will you discover in this first episode?

  • Real-life and everyday cases in which urgency leads us to make mistakes in protecting ourselves online.
  • Practical tips to avoid falling into digital traps and to keep your devices safe.
  • Expert insight into the latest trends in cyber threats and how to deal with them.

Where can you listen to it?

Stream it on Spotify:

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