HI+CARD, a digital health passport app, part of the solutions to COVID-19 crisis

A mobile application that stores medical records, supported by a European based blockchain network, will allow travellers to travel safely and with full control of their data at all times.

A Spanish initiative with a global scope, started thanks to a consortium formed by Air Institute and Tourism Data Driven Solutions (TDDS) in collaboration with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Today, Hi+Card, the Health iCard App, was presented – out of competition - at the UNWTO "Healing Solutions Challenge" event as part of the solutions UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is supporting to reduce the impact of the Covid19 and to help the recovery of tourism in the world.

UNWTO Zurab Pololikashvili pointed out that in these exceptionally times, when the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the global economy and threatened our tourism sector, innovation turns into the cornerstone of recovery. Travel will no longer be as it was before. By contrast, it will become safer and more sustainable to continue delivering benefits to nations and communities.

Once again, there is uncertainty about the opening of borders and the practice of free mobility. For this reason, hi+Card app, that will be ready next August, comes as a one-of-its-kind project that would positively impact the health, economic and rights scopes. 

The use of secure technology based on blockchain and a smartphone-based framework, through an application, makes it easily adaptable for Governments, Health entities, Travel, Tourism and Leisure companies, and travellers. Furthermore, it enables the restoration of travelling with confidence and traceability. 

Air Institute, a non-profit research organization aimed at the scientific advancement in the field of artificial intelligence, acts as the tech partner and is responsible for coding and programming the app. And TDDS, a global strategy firm in innovation and tech for Travel&Tourism, acts as the business partner and is in charge of coordinating the process that ensures the consistent and effective design of the app (functionalities, user experience, stakeholders, etc.).

Hi+Card can include and manage any kind of Health Certificates and records (vaccines, allergies, chronic diseases and their treatment, medication, etc.). So, the app becomes a truly Digital Health Passport, so users can give access to their data anywhere anytime if needed.

Antonio López de Avila, co-founder of hi+Card and CEO of TDDS, has explained that: “The app creates a unique Digital ID for each user using the legal Digital ID issued by a National Authority (Home Office/Police) and the Health Entity, accredited by the NHA, upload the medical info. So, there is no chance of creating fake profiles or manipulate the medical records. Users ask these entities to store directly the info, in a cryptographically secure way, in their profiles using the blockchain.

Javier Arredondo, co-founder and CEO of Travesias Media, said in his presentation: “Users have total control of their data, so they can access, share and delete the info of his/her Personal Data Wallet whenever they want.”


THE GDPR Compliant

The identified technological solution is based on Blockchain technologies, which are designed to overcome the challenges of less reliable ecosystems and the assurance of Data User protection.

Javier Prieto, co-Founder of hi+Card and Scientific Director of Air Institute said: “Hi+Card is the most data secure Travel&Health App in the global market. It is based on a European Blockchain platform, 100% aligned with the most demanding EU GDPR regulations. The system ensures anonymity during all process steps and allows a multi-level access to the information, so the traveller controls his/her information at any moment (when, where and for how long).”

The main characteristics of Blockchain (Data Security & Traceability, Data Segregation & Advanced Smart contracts workflow) provide a solution to ensure the GDPR rules.

An active role of Travel&Tourism Stakeholders

The consortium has started the contacts with all the stakeholders of the project (Governmental entities, infrastructure operators, transport companies, travel agencies, hotels, etc.) to be able to advance in its development.

UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili said: “I truly find this initiative comprehensively designed and target driven. The use of secure technology based on blockchain and a smartphone-based framework makes it adaptable for governments, companies and travellers. Furthermore, it enables the restoration of travelling with confidence and traceability.”

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