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AIR Institute and Embio Diagnostics develop GRIDIRON, a smart automated laboratory testing system

Wed, 16 Nov 2022

AIR Institute has developed GRIDIRON with the help of Embio Diagnostics, a project driven by the DIH2 accelerator that has as its main objective the incorporation of an intelligent automated testing system in laboratories.

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AIR Institute joins the Wine Technology Platform

Fri, 11 Nov 2022

AIR Institute has been selected to form part of the Wine Technology Platform (PTV). An initiative that seeks to promote and establish a common R&D&I strategy for the wine sector in Spain, since, despite being the first country in terms of vineyard surface area, the third in terms of production and one of the five main exporters worldwide.

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AIR Institue and IoT Digital Innovation Hub participate in the Kickoff of the CERTIFY project

Thu, 10 Nov 2022

A few days ago, the launch meeting of the CERTIFY project was held at the University of Murcia. It was a hybrid event, attended in person and online. AIR Institute participated in it as well as the IoT Digital Innovation Hub as a digitising entity.

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The AIR Institute is coordinating FARMS4CLIMATE, a project that will make the agricultural sector more sustainable through the direct participation of its stakeholders

Wed, 9 Nov 2022

FARMS4CLIMATE is an international consortium which will collaboratively develop operational models for agro-ecological carbon farming in its living labs located throughout the Mediterranean.

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AIR Institute participates in the "Building the logistics innovation of the future" forum organized by Logistop

Mon, 31 Oct 2022

Last week, more than 60 Logistop partner companies gathered in Madrid for the Logistop & Partners - Innovation Day "Building the logistics innovation of the future", where they shared challenges and concerns that companies in the sector must face on a daily basis, being necessary an increase in public-private collaboration.

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AIR Institute participates in the second Burgos Industry 4.0 Technology Meeting

Wed, 26 Oct 2022

AIR Institute has once again participated in the Burgos Industry 4.0 Technology Meeting, organised by the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 (DIHBU). The conference consisted in two parts; on the one hand, the Industry 4.0 Solutions Expo, where 41 technological demonstrators will be located, and on the other hand, the Industrial Track 4.0 Technical Conferences (3rd edition), which will show trends and use cases in industrial digitalisation.

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AIR Institute participated in the University-Business Forum: The Present and Future of IT organised by the University of Valladolid

Mon, 24 Oct 2022

AIR Institute participated in the conference "Meetings with IT Companies. University-Company: The Present and Future of Computer Science". An event organised by the School of Computer Engineering from the University of Valladolid and the Professional Association of Computer Engineers of Castilla y León.

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AIR Institute is part of the European Gaia-X initiative

Fri, 30 Sep 2022

AIR Institute is part of Gaia-X, a European initiative that aims to create an open and secure data infrastructure, complying with the highest standards of digital sovereignty while promoting innovation.