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Innovation and technology meet at Salamanca Tech Day 

Wed, 26 Apr 2023

Salamanca Tech Day, an event organised by the AIR Institute and the BISITE Research Group, will take place on 3 May in the historic city of Salamanca. The city's Palacio de Congreso will bring together experts from different fields to discuss the potential of technology, innovation and how these two aspects will boost Salamanca. 
The aim of this event is to promote the city of Salamanca and its business ecosystem as a centre of innovation and development in the field of technology. And to achieve this, we have organised a series of round tables in which prominent leaders in the world of technology will discuss topics relevant to the sector such as technology and innovation, applied biomedicine, research, transfer and logistics.

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AIR institute promotes Salamanca Tech initiative to boost innovation in Salamanca

Mon, 24 Apr 2023

This morning the launch of Salamanca Tech took place, an initiative that seeks to promote innovation and technological development in the city. To present the initiative to the media, AIR Institute's facilities on Avenida Santiago Madrigal hosted a press conference coordinated by Juan Manuel Corchado, the Director of the institution.

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ICE and AIR Institute gather leading tech companies in Salamanca for artificial intelligence event

Fri, 21 Apr 2023

On yesterday, the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE) and AIR Institute organized an event at the Science Park of the University of Salamanca. The session titled "Artificial Intelligence - Basis for Success of Technological Companies" aimed to promote collaboration between companies and technology centers to facilitate the digitization of SMEs in Castile and León.

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Mon, 17 Apr 2023

On Tuesday, 11 April 2023, the President of the CRUSOE General Technical Secretariat, Salustiano Mato, met with the president of AIR Institute, Juan M. Corchado, and Javier Prieto, co-founder and secretary of this organization. The purpose of the meeting was to ratify the collaboration agreement between the two organizations

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Avila Polytechnic School hosts the "Digital Training Workshop on Artificial Intelligence" organized by ICE and AIR Institute

Wed, 12 Apr 2023

The Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castile and Leon (ICE) in collaboration with Air Institute, have held the "Artificial Intelligence Digital Training Workshop". This event is part of the Centr@Tec program, which has focused on the importance of AI and the benefits that this technology can offer to companies in Castilla y León.

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At the Community Days, AIR Institute will showcase Digital Twins impact on car performance in FORMULA 1

Tue, 11 Apr 2023

The upcoming Community Day, scheduled for April 18, is a part of the DIH World Project and will focus on Digital Twins.

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ICE and AIR Institute organize the conference Artificial Intelligence - The Basis for Success of Technology Companies

Mon, 3 Apr 2023

The Instituto para la Competitividad Empresarial de Castilla y León (ICE) in collaboration with Air Institute organizes the conference Artificial Intelligence - Base Of Success Of Technological Companies, an event to support digital transformation, framed within the Centr@Tec Program

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Air Institute Participates in the Community Days Presenting The Evolution of Bim to Digital Twins

Mon, 3 Apr 2023

On April 18, AIR Institute and the IoT Digital Innovation Hub will once again hold the Community Days as part of the DIH World project, under the main theme of Digital Twins.

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The AIR Institute participates in the official presentation of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategy of Castilla y León

Fri, 31 Mar 2023

El lunes 27 de marzo de 2023 tuvo lugar en el Palacio de Congreso de Salamanca la presentación oficial de la Estrategia de Emprendimiento e Innovación de Castilla y León.